Customer Retention for Greater Consumer Sales

Value Existing Customers

As a business you can spend much time and effort in chasing new customers.  This can be time-consuming, exhausting and expensive.

Whilst fresh sales will always be required, holding onto existing customers can be a cheaper and less time-consuming option that relying on new customers.

Customer retention schemes are often a more cost-effective way on sustaining sales.  

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Customer Loyalty through Retention Schemes

Attracting new customers can be expensive, so it is important to ensure that you retain your existing customers.

Most small business owners appreciate the importance of attracting new customers. However, evidence exists that suggests that few pay much attention to the issue of customer loyalty.

A customer’s decision as to whether they will remain loyal is primarily influenced by two factors.  These can be described as, The Outcome and The Process.

Essentially this means that to keep a customer loyal, a business needs to sell products or services that meet that customer expectations.  They also need to ensure that customers feel good during the process of buying. 

Research suggests that around two-thirds of customers who decide to switch supplier do so because they feel that the previous supplier did not care about them and their needs.

So, besides improving the products and services offered and their customer service, what else can a business do to keep customers loyal?

There are, of course Loyalty Cards.  These reward customers with exclusive discounts and offers based on how much or how often they buy. They do have an influence upon customers’ decisions but they can be quite expensive. 

However, there are other cheaper ways for smaller businesses to run a retention scheme that makes their customers feel valued.  And these schemes can be established quickly and easily and they cost very little to run.  

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