Performance Driven Digital Marketing

For Sales Growth when Selling to the Consumer Sector


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Performance Digital Advertising Network for Affiliates and Merchants who pay on results and not just for clicks


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Promoting your Business to an ever wider consumer audience to generate growth and to increase your sales

Customer Retention

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Tailor-made schemes for customer retention.  Hold onto existing customers rather than relying on finding new.

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eCommerce Solutions that get you to market fast

When Selling to Consumers

Getting Online Results is Becoming Increasingly Hard

Sellfast specialises in Selling, Promoting and Advertising for Businesses that wish to develop their appeal in the consumer marketplace

Gone are the days when all you had to do was to pay Google for pay-per-click and customers would come flocking to your site. 

As more and more businesses used Google and other search engines plus, later, Facebook and other social media platforms, more Businesses were having to share the customers generated. This created higher customer acquisition costs putting severe pressure on declining retail margins.

Search engines like Google have always used a pay per click (‘PPC’) model so you have to pay them for every click  irrespective of whether you have sold anything.  This can become very expensive!

Unlike most Search Engines and Social Media Platforms, with Sellfast you only pay for the results you get.

As a result today, advertising on Search Engines and Social Media has, for many, become prohibitively expensive.

Additionally, with an increase in their sophistication and complication, you now need to be a total expert in their advertising programmes to be able to successfully and profitably advertise on these types of platforms. 

Search Engine and Social Media Advertising may be great for the big firms, but for the average business it is no longer cost effective. This is why Sellfast provides a different approach with digital advertising and promotions.

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